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The ABC’s of Life.

“The ABC’s of LIFE.”  

I would like to share with you, my “ABC’s of LIFE”.  To live a healthier, happier life, it’s good to take a rain-check at the start of a new year, ticking the boxes that are ok, and working on the ones that might be holding us back.

Avoid negativity – Focus on what can help you to live a happy, healthy life.

Believe in yourself – Mix with positive people who are supportive & encouraging.

Consider things from every angle – Focus on what is possible, rather than on what is impossible.

Don’t give up & don’t give in – Determination keeps you strong & focussed.

Enjoy life today – Live in the NOW‘one day’ may be too late

Feel good about yourself – Mental & emotional fitness are just as important as physical fitness.

Give more than you planned to – Give of your best in all areas of your life.

Hold out – Remain resilient when under strain.

Impatience – Can jeopardize the timing of good things coming into your life. Be patient.

Join interest groups – Social health has a significant influence on better overall health.

Keep trying – Patience is a virtue.

Love yourself – Be grateful every day for the good in your life.

Make it happen – Set the wheels in motion today – step at a time, to bring it into reality.

Never underestimate yourself – Value your own uniqueness & abilities.

Open your eyes & see things as they really are – See the positives, rather than the negatives.

Practise makes perfect – If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Quitters never win & winners never quit – Persistence pays off.

Relax, rest, revive! – Reduce stress & live a healthier, happier life

Stop procrastinating – Don’t keep putting it off. Start doing it NOW.

Take control – Try new things. Ask yourself –“What is the worst that could happen?”

Understand yourself in order to better yourself – Make a list of your strengths & weaknesses.

Visualise it – Every day, picture what it is you really want & see how it can come into reality.

What is holding you back? – Tell yourself that you deserve it! Don’t listen to negative people.

Xylophone – music lifts the spirit. It helps to reduce stressful feelings.

You are in control – At the end of the day, YOU are in charge of your life.

Zing – energise your life. Mix with positive people, believe in yourself, enjoy life!

Highlight the ones that are relevant for you. Re-inforce them when things get on top of you.

Good luck and may 2022 be a great year for you. J B

If you found this helpful you might enjoy my book- “Dealing With Life’s Changes”

Cheers, Eva

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