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Planning Your Life in Retirement

The 3 F’s to Enrich Your Life.

Even when you are happy with how something is going in your life, I discovered recently, how a few changes can make something even better.

1.FOCUS: I created a presentation topic a few years ago that has been well-received at retirement planning seminars around the country – “The 6 Ingredients to Cook Up a Great Life in Retirement”.    I was in Albury, NSW last week to present this topic at a couple of retirement seminars with Bridges Financial Services & Hume Bank.  Pauline, a friend I was staying with, who loves cooking, came up with the idea of using real cooking ingredients to add ‘flavour’ to the presentation. Then I got the idea to dress up as a chef – go the whole hog I thought!
2.FLAVOUR: We ran around town that morning, excitedly looking for a chef’s hat and apron and putting a box of the appropriate ingredients together. That night I added flavour to my presentation in front of an audience of over 80 people, by looking the part as I went through the 6 ‘life’ ingredients on the screen. As I talked about each one, I created an analogy with the matching food ingredient. Example. When I spoke about the ‘finance’ ingredient, I used an egg, because people often refer to their ‘nest egg’ when talking about financial matters. When I talked about relationships, I used a carton of milk, as we often talk about the ‘milk of human kindness’. (Have to get a new chef’s hat that doesn’t fall off!)
3.FLEXIBILITY:  So, what I learnt from this experience was, that when we are flexible in our thinking and open to trying new ideas, giving something a go,  we can enrich our lives in different ways and also that of others.

Nothing like ‘spicing’ up your life!

I’ve added the testimonial that I received from Bridges, prior to sending this newsletter out.

“We were delighted to have Eva present to a large group of our clients recently. Her presentation was engaging, informative and interactive, providing lots of “food for thought”. Lots of positive feedback from those who attended. We’re looking forward to doing this again with Eva in the future.” – The team at Bridges FS. – Albury NSW.
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