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The 3 C’s or the 3 P’s???

Written by Eva Bennett

With all the drama going on with the Coronavirus, would you rather stay

Cool-Calm-Collected  OR  Panicking-Paranoid-Pessimistic ?

How we constantly think, affects our emotions and then our physical health, especially if we are stressed a lot of the time. In fact, research has shown that 80% of our illnesses are caused by the way we may constantly think in a negative way – worry, anger, fear, etc. In fact, the book that helped me to turn my life around 30yrs ago was, “You Can Heal Your Body”  written by Louise Hay in 1976 & reprinted many times since then.

I travelled around Australia a few years ago, giving a presentation I created, called “The 4 Levels of Fitness” that showed people how the way we think – our mental health, affects the way we feel, which in turn affects our physical health and how social fitness also can keep us healthy. A bit hard at the moment with all the social distancing we have to do! So it is really important to focus on our mental health during this health crisis.

When I was running Presentation Skills courses for many years, participants would often have stressful thoughts about forgetting the words of their speech. So early in the 2-day course, we would do some ‘legal sniffing’. Using my background in Aromatherapy, I would give each of the participants a few drops of Rosemary essential oil (good for memory & flu) on a tissue. Then they walked around the room, saying to themselves –

“I now remember the words of my speech.”

Amazing, how much more confident and less stressed they became with their talks, when they stopped telling themselves how they always ‘forgot the words.’  Much more effective being able to make regular eye contact with their listeners, than needing to read the whole speech & not connect with their listeners!

SO, catch any negative thoughts that may be running around in your mind about the Coronavirus and change them to more positive thoughts, as you deepen your breathing and say a few times every day – “I now stay cool, calm and collected and look after my health.”  It’s better to strengthen your immune system with positive thoughts, than letting constant worry & panic, weaken it.  Good luck and Good health!


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