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Planning Your Life in Retirement



Eva has received testimonials from a diverse  range of people and businesses below you can read some of them:

Testimonials from Finance Groups that Eva Bennett presented for at their Retirement Planning Seminars.

 “Eva’s easy, relaxed style of presenting had our clients captivated. They went away feeling they had gained valuable insights and also felt Eva’s book & accompanying worksheet were a valuable resource.” – K. Champion, Marketing Co-ordinator – Income Solutions, Victoria

“Eva has an engaging presentation style that connects her with her audience. Her insights on planning for retirement are invaluable.” – Liz Koh, MoneyMax – New Zealand

 “Eva really captured our group’s interest with her ‘story telling’ approach on her topic, A number of our attendees remarked afterwards – “That was one of the best talks I’ve heard in a while.” – Stephen Bury – Mercer Financial Advice, Brisbane

“Your presentation was inspirational & will provide a valuable platform for our organisation to expand our definition of retirement success.” – B. Black, IFAA

“Eva’s presentation added so much value to the service we provide to our clients. The positive feedback from our clients was overwhelming. For those planners who want to go above and beyond the norm, to further cement relationships with their clients, this presenter is a must.”   – K.Pryce, InvestBlue – Gladstone, QLD

Testimonials for the book “So What Do We Do Now?” 

“This book was done well & is user friendly. It is also very timely, due to the period of the baby boomer that we are now in.” – David Koch, Sunrise TV

 “Congratulations on an excellent book! Not only do I agree wholeheartedly with your philosophy, but I was also very impressed on the compact, yet informative writing style. No waffling, just interesting and pertinent anecdotes with some very good back-up facts & figures. Well done!”         – A. Boucaut

 “You addressed the questions and concerns those of us approaching retirement have. It was even better because it was from your own personal experiences. It’s a must read for anyone contemplating retirement.”  – G. Jensen (orchardist, New Zealand)

“My congratulations to you on your publication and the clarity of wisdom within. I loved the ‘life wheel’ thinking and I agree 100% with your thoughts on continual learning.” K. Newstead(retired Marketing Consultant, Tasmania)

“Your book is just brilliant. You’re right – the thought of giving up work some day and then what? Your book has made me realize there’s a lot to think about. We hear so much about the money side of retirement that I think it’s time we also focus on the life planning side of retirement.                                                          V. Brown (Personnel Administrator)

“Tony & I found your book easy to read and it affirmed things we have thought about and also brought new ones to mind. I like the way you bulleted important issues which makes the book easy for quick reference when you want to check something. This way of expression opens people to thinking more deeply.”   – A. & T. Nibbs (retired couple)

“I can see how valuable your book would be to people who haven’t thought it through past the ‘honeymoon’ period and that you really need to do some forward planning, not all financial.”                                               – P.Rushby (award-winning children’s author)

Testimonial for the book  “Dealing With Life’s Changes.” 

“After the events that have changed my life during the last few years, reading “As time Goes By – Dealing With Life’s Changes” has reassured me that our positivity and thoughts can really help us, in how we approach and deal with the many different situations in our daily lives. A truly interesting and thought provoking book, that is easy to read and can be enjoyed by all.” – C. French ( teacher)

“Using real-life stories, current research and inspiring quotes, Eva’s insightful and excellent book, “As Time Goes By -Dealing With Life’s Changes”  teaches us how we can achieve abundance in our life, be it health, relationships, financial security. As you read Eva’s book you will be inspired to take action NOW.  A great read!” – A. O’Neill (International author, speaker and HR specialist)

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