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Presentation Coaching

Preparing for an Important Presentation -“Presentation Skills Coaching”

For those who have an important presentation coming up, Eva uses her winning formula to fine-tune presentations, reduce information overload and re-vamp wordy, lengthy power point slides, so that your presentation creates the ‘wow’ response rather than the ‘yawn’ response, even when you could be the last presenter of the day or after the lunch break. Please contact me if you are interested in putting new life into your presentations. Go to ‘Other Workshops’ on the menu bar, for more info about my public speaking background and courses.

Wouldn’t you rather develop techniques to get the “WOW” response to your presentation, than getting the “YAWN” response?

Eva also helps people to prepare effectively for important presentations. A recent, testimonial from A. O’Neill, HR – Southport Sharks, QLD. June,2017

“Prior to presenting at an International Conference in Singapore, I asked Eva to look over my P/P slides. While Eva was complimentary of the overall presentation, she highlighted a number of improvements that could be made, to enhance the audience’s experience. These changes had a big impact on my presentation. I was thrilled with the feedback. My evaluation reached a high 4.7 out of 5 and I have been invited to repeat the presentation at a conference in Orlando, USA, later this year. I would not have achieved this without Eva’s input.” – June, 2017

“Your suggestions to improve my induction presentation helped a lot. I felt more comfortable and less anxious, with the changes so was able to focus my energy on the delivery of the presentation. Employee feedback was very good.”

– L. Kapral, Environment Co-ordinator, Gold Coast Airport

“I was going to Sydney to represent my organisation in a Tall Story Contest. This was something I hadn’t done before and I wasn’t all that comfortable with it. Eva helped me to get over my nerves, improved my timing and tweeked my  technique and delivery. I regained my confidence, went to Sydney and returned with the Cup! Wonderful help from Eva. Can’t thank her enough.”   – A. Denny, Tweed Coast, 2014


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