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Planning Your Life in Retirement

Brand New Day.

How did your day start off?  I’d like to share with you, a simple yet powerful way to kick-start your day in a way that reduces stress and creates  a better mood for the rest of the day and helps to handle problems more smoothly.

Many people go through highs and lows in their lives. When I was experiencing some ‘lows’ in my own life, I happened to come across  the following words, which grabbed my attention. The suggestion was on how to start each day in a positive way.

“Today is a brand new day, a day I have never lived before.  I am divinely guided all day long and blessed and prospered in amazing and wonderful ways.”  I have added – “For all this and more I am truly thankful”.

Two months ago, I began repeating these words every morning when I woke up and again while having a shower or on my morning walk. I had nothing to lose and wanted to stay healthy in body, mind & spirit. It takes less than one minute to make this statement – simple, yet powerful. I have found that it does shift your mindset from staying stuck in yesterday’s worries,  into a more positive direction.

Instead of waking up and starting to rehash the same issues & getting ‘down’ again, I have found that the days flow more smoothly and peacefully. It is amazing how things do appear in the right time & way in your life, when  you let go of the ‘how’ & ‘when’. It does mean being patient and trusting the process. Still getting on with life, work, others, but letting go of putting too much pressure on yourself.

It can take a couple of weeks to get into the habit of doing this each morning, but well worth it.

Why not give it a go. What is the worst that can happen? What benefits can you gain?

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