Eva Bennett

Planning Your Life in Retirement


The big challenge facing the 4 million baby boomers in Australia, as they head into retirement over the next 15yrs, is how to make their hard-earned money last for the rest of their lives. Our generation is living 20-30yrs longer than people 100yrs ago, when 50 was considered old and few people lived past 65yrs. […]

Food for Thought – Boost Your Memory

“I’m losing my marbles.” There is a popular myth that we lose our minds when we age. Declining brain function is one of our greatest concerns as we age. However the good news is, that research is showing there is not a progressive loss of one’s thinking abilities. The human brain is continually adapting and […]

The Three Faces of Ageing

Aging is inevitable. From the day we are born to the day we leave this earth, we are gradually aging. So why do we dread it so much and why do we deny the inevitable? With millions of baby boomers retiring or contemplating retirement, the whole concept of aging is taking on new meaning. Life […]

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