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Planning Your Life in Retirement

6 Steps to Boost Your Confidence.

“Act” Confident!
Think confident thoughts – “I now accept myself for who I am”
Feel confident – Breathe in confidence…. Breathe out fear.
(Research shows that negative thoughts about yourself can make you feel
inadequate and even lead to depression and anxiety.)
Don’t Rely on Others.
Avoid negative people. Be open to helpful feedback.
Handle ‘toxic’ criticism assertively. That’s their issue, not yours. Don’t take it personally.
Don’t Compare.
When you are focused on continually comparing yourself to others you think are more talented, prettier, smarter or wealthier, etc. than you, it can make you feel resentful and
envious. This kind of thinking habit destroys your confidence.
Value your own gifts, your own uniqueness. Focus on what you do well.
Be thankful for what is good in your life.
Be Authentic.
Stop trying to impress others – being all things to all people. Too hard!
Build self-confidence by knowing yourself – your good points and your flaws.
Practice always to be yourself at your best.
“I now deserve to feel confident and content with who I am.”
Avoid Labelling.
Stop making gross generalizations about yourself – “I’m hopeless” I’m useless”
We all make mistakes. Instead of labeling yourself as “hopeless”, define the actual behaviour and work out a strategy to deal with the situation better next time.
This way your confidence won’t suffer.
A Daily Walk.
This simple activity can help you to feel better and look better.
The health benefits are well-known. Just 20mins a day is beneficial.
No matter where you live or what season it is, you can get out into the fresh air and connect with nature. Ideally this is your own special, peaceful ‘time-out’ from your busy schedule – time to be quiet with your own thoughts, to just be………… a walking meditation. Use this time to clarify your vision for yourself. Breathe in confidence, breathe out worry, etc. Return with renewed energy, confidence & direction. The daily walk has helped me so many times to clear the busyness in my head and allow fresh ideas to come into my mind, so that I can move on confidently with my projects.

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