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Planning Your Life in Retirement

10 Ways to Live a Longer, Happier Life.

Take a rain check. See how many boxes you tick and what you may need to focus on more.

1. Have a laugh – You can lengthen your lifespan by mixing with people who make you laugh. A recent study by Norwegian scientists, found that cancer patients are 70 times more likely to live beyond 7 years if they made the effort to live a humour-filled life.

2.Give thanks – Practise gratitude. Pick 3 things you’re grateful for each day, before you go to sleep  and notice how you can feel less stressed. Studies have shown that people who do so, have lower blood pressure, stronger immune systems and sleep better.

3.Take a ‘nanna’ nap – A 20-30minute nap during the day when feeling fatigued, 3 times a week, lowers our risk of heart-related death by 37%, according to a Greek study.

4.Keep learning – British scientists have found that learning new things throughout life, challenges the brain and keeps cognitive function from declining.

5.Lend a hand – Help others and you’ll also help yourself to live longer. A study in the journal ‘Health Psychology’ found that when a person genuinely wants to help, they get the health benefits.

6.Feel Young – UK researchers surveyed 6,500 seniors and found that being ‘young at heart’ made them more resilient.

7.Take an aspirin a day (100mg) – Research in the Annals of Oncology shows that this daily habit can keep cancer away. Can also help prevent heart attack and stroke.

8.Get out outside in nature – Getting out for a daily walk, through the park, along the beach or river, among the trees – with your dog or with a friend. Reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and improves mood, recent US research shows.

9.Menu for a longer, healthier life – 3 cups of coffee a day can protect your brain from disease. Dark chocolate and red wine –in moderation, are good for you. Garlic lowers blood pressure, lowers your risk of heart disease, strengthens bones & protects your brain – wow! US scientists say that omega-3 fats in oily fish like salmon, can lengthen life span by years. Of course, don’t forget fresh fruit & vegies, dairy products, meat.

10. Regular physical activity throughout our whole life is so important. It helps us, as we get older, to maintain healthy functioning and structure of our bodies, can reduce arthritic pain, better circulation, stay mentally alert and helps us to keep being involved in life, rather than becoming socially isolated as we age.

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