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Inspirational professional speaker, author and trainer on  Life Planning.

Eva Bennett is a professional speaker, qualified trainer and author, who has written 2 books, “So What Do We Do Now? The Baby Boomers Guide to Enjoying Retirement” and  “ Dealing With Life’s Changes – As Time Goes By”. 

The impact of the COVID pandemic, has affected our lifestyle & mental health. There are a number of chapters in my book,  “Dealing With Life’s Changes” – As Time goes By, which you may find helpful, that you can read about here.

“Using real-life stories, current research and inspiring quotes, Eva’s insightful and excellent book, “As Time Goes By -Dealing With Life’s Changes” teaches us how we can achieve abundance in our life, be it health, relationships, financial security. As you read Eva’s book you will be inspired to take action NOW. A great read!” – A. O’Neill (International author, speaker and HR specialist)

Over  the past 13 years, Eva has presented at over 300 retirement planning seminars around Australia, on the life planning side of retirement with a number of financial organizations. She has also given her presentations at retirement villages, workplaces and has been a guest speaker at service clubs and Business Networking.

Eva recently hosted two of her workshops –“6 Ingredients for a Great Life in Retirement” and “The 4 Levels of Fitness” for our social engagement program, ‘My Club Connect’ in the Wollongong area. In our post event survey, most participants rated her workshop as either ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good.’ – L. Johnson, Community Relations Manager – Warrigal Group ( June, 2019)

“Both your presentations were very beneficial, as my wife and I had not undertaken any retirement planning, so to speak. Your talk was supportive for people, entering a new, unchartered phase of their lives and that it is okay to plan enjoying your life in retirement, after a busy work life.        It was also great to hear about your experiences to date and that it is somewhat different to what you, or my wife and I, had imagined.”  – S & J King (Sept, 2019)

“Your presentation on lifestyle fitness resonated with our audience, who are predominantly retirees. Financial wellness and personal wellbeing are increasingly important.  Your presentation, experience and knowledge on this topic, was an excellent complement to our finance focused sections.”  – Richard Ebbs, Financial Advice Leader -Mercer (Aust Pty Ltd) Sydney  (August – 2018)

‘Go to the Seminar page to see details of Eva’s latest presentation, “Fitness for Life.”

“We were fortunate, here at Summerset by the Park in Manukau City, New Zealand, to have Eva come and do a presentation at our retirement village on “The 6 Ingredients to Cook Up a Great Life in Retirement”. It was a fantastic presentation and we had 46 residents and some guests from outside the village. They were all very excited with Eva’s presentation and afterwards were all talking about it. They even have formed a walking group, started up after the presentation and we now go for a walk, for 15min. every second day, even those with walking sticks, to maintain their overall fitness. So, a big thank you to Eva for an inspirational presentation.” – J. Clark, Activities Co-ordinator, Summerset – Manukau, NZ  (July, 2018)

“Eva’s presentation onThe 6 Ingredients to Cook Up a Great Life in Retirement’ was extremely engaging. She has devised a practical 6 step approach for retiring to a comfortable and happy life! It’s not always about the money, but rather, how you want to live out the rest of your life and the fundamentals required in doing so. Thank you Eva, for your wonderful insight and empowering presentation!” – A. Ukalovic, Marketing Co-ordinator Uniting AgeWell Amarco Apartments, Kingsville VIC (October, 2017)

New Seminar/Workshop concept“Planting the Seeds for a Successful Life in Retirement”.  Eva recently delivered her new 3 hour seminar/workshop to a finance group in Brisbane and received wonderful feedback from both the clients and the finance team. To find out more, click here.

Testimonial from Stephen Bury, Team Leader – Mercer Financial Advice,   “Eva facilitated her workshop with a group of our high value clients, who are nearing retirement and it was very well received. They particularly enjoyed and valued the opportunity  to interact in small groups and to make a start on their own lifestyle planning via her practical workbook. In the words of one of our clients – “Eva’s relaxed manner and personal stories, put everyone at ease. It was refreshing, to have Eva share real life experiences rather than a younger person telling us what we should do.”    Read more  about the workshop.

“We were delighted to have Eva present to a large group of our clients recently. Her presentation was engaging, informative and interactive, providing lots of “food for thought”. Lots of positive feedback from those who attended. We’re looking forward to doing this again with Eva in the future.” – The team at Bridges FS. – Albury NSW.

“My husband & I are in our 60’s and happily working part-time, but regularly discussing full-time retirement. A recent newspaper article mentioned the need to consider retirement life planning as well as financial planning. This triggered a distinct ‘aha’ moment for us, as to what had been missing in our chats about our future years. A quick Google search soon led us to Eva Bennett’s website and her 2 books. We purchased the books and we were not disappointed. Both books are easy reads and loaded with thought-provoking ideas & practical suggestions about lifestyle opportunities in retirement. We can continue to re-read and reflect on the content of both books as we head more confidently towards full-time retirement.” -Mick and Kate B. Bateau Bay, NSW. (Feb. 2017)

“Eva presented to our staff, a seminar on preparing for retirement. Eva is a confident, entertaining speaker and uses stories from hers and other people’s life experiences as part of her presentation.The feedback from our staff was very positive. Eva assists in helping you think more broadly about retirement, that it’s not just about finances, but how your life can be fulfilled in retirement. I would recommend Eva to any organization that is assisting its staff for retirement.” – D. Kildea,Chief Operating Officer – Summerland Credit Union

Eva’s presentations on ‘How to Avoid the 5 Common Pitfalls of Retirement’ and ‘The 6 Ingredients to Cook Up a Great life in Retirement’ have helped thousands of people already, who were facing the thought of retirement with apprehension, or who found that retirement wasn’t like they thought it would be. With its practical, easy-to-follow tips, Eva’s books have become a ‘must-have’ tool for the life planning side of retirement which led to the creation of her popular keynote presentations. Each time Eva has given a presentation, people come up to her and tell Eva how her books and presentations have helped them to handle the changes in their lives more effectively.

So many people have learnt how important the combination of financial planning with the life planning side is, if they are going to enjoy a happy, healthy, purposeful retirement.

Eva has developed a reputation for adapting the content of her presentations to the particular needs of the target group she is presenting to at the time, to maximise the benefits they get from the seminar. Eva speaks from the heart in a way that really inspires people to listen.

What people have said about Eva’s retirement presentations,

“It was a pleasure to meet you and listen to your presentation, ‘The 6 ingredients to Cook Up a Great Life in Retirement’  at our Canberra seminar. The response that we received back from our clients was all positive, in realizing that there is more to retirement than just making sure that you are financially prepared.”

– E Glavinic, Manager-Business Services, Crowe-Howarth, Canberrra

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